Solving an environmental problem through business.

Water hyacinth is one of the most invasive aquatic plants in the world, which dramatically impacts water flows, starves the water of oxygen, kills fish and blocks transportation. In Benin, for nine months a year, it covers Lake Nokoué to such a point that, fishing, marketing of agricultural products and transportation become impossible.
Fortunately, water hyacinth can be effectively processed into compost, which is the focus and business opportunity Toyon (derived from the local name of the plant in Benin) is seizing while creating environmental benefits.
DagriVest supports the company in research and development, business planning, packaging, marketing and seed stage funding.


  • Disrupting how households, individuals and food businesses buy agricultural produce...

  • Developing a supply chain of local food for fish farming

  • Solving an environmental problem through business.

  • Providing affordable and efficient transportation solutions to agricultural value...