Support the business of agriculture

We help young people to find or create decent jobs

Our motivation

DagriVest is motivated by two essential facts. First, the need to seize the enormous opportunities offered by food markets. According to the World Bank, Africa’s food markets could create a one trillion-dollar opportunity by 2030 to support inclusive growth and poverty reduction on the continent. Another fact on the continent is that 70% of the population is less than 30 years old, and the youth unemployment rate is double that of adults.

Despite several programs (mostly donor-driven) support youth entry in the agricultural sector leading to an abundance of ideas and micro-enterprises, a few grow and ultimately become competitive. A key reason for that is the lack of long-term support and access to business development services.

While entrepreneurship is booming, there is a lack of support to employment in the agricultural sector. Many young agricultural graduates do not have the skills needed for the job market. Therefore, agribusinesses and other agricultural sector employers fail to find talents that are critical to their growth.

Our purpose

DagriVest provides talents, market linkages, business knowledge and finance facilitation to agribusinesses to increase their competitiveness and growth. We help young graduates to find decent job in the agribusiness sector or to launch their own businesses to create even more decent jobs.

Our approach

To achieve this, we develop two programmes. Employment » and Entrepreneurship »