New partnership to connect young agricultural graduates to the job market

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DagriVest has established a new partnership with the University of Abomey-Calavi, the International Development Research Center (IDRC), INCLUDE and ILO to connect young agricultural graduates to the labor market in Benin through the AJESSA initiative.

In a context of precariousness and underemployment, where about 72% of the active population, particularly young people, are underemployed, Benin has adopted and implemented policies on youth employment through which several institutions and funds were established for the promotion of youth employment. With the support of the private sector, these institutions support young people in the labor market with most actions focused on entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector, a sector of employment opportunities for young people. Despite the creation of several agricultural enterprises, there is the lack of programs that can support young agricultural graduates to access decent paid jobs.

At the same time, many agricultural enterprises, as in most sectors, struggle to recruit talents with the required technical and soft skills that would help them increase their revenue and remain competitive. This challenge is related to the skills mismatch of young graduates with market demand and their low ability to search for and secure a decent job.

In this context, the AJESSA initiative aims to support 200 young men and women graduates in agriculture for access to paid employment in the agricultural sector. AJESSA will implement three (03) components namely: matching supply and demand of skills, capacity building, and youth mentoring.

This new partnership of DagriVest with the University of Abomey-Calavi will:

  • Provide evidence base guidance to agricultural training institutions to revise curricula and train on the skills demanded on the labor market;
  • Improve access to employment for young graduates in the agricultural sector; and
  • Help mainstream gender-sensitive mentoring best practices into youth employment programs.
  • DagriVest brings its expertise for capacity building in technical and soft skills, mentoring young people, and setting up a web platform that will connect the supply and demand of skills.

    Write to us at if you want to contribute to this initiative as a mentee, mentor or partner.

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