Strengthen young people's skills and connect them to decent jobs

Matching skills demand and supply

DagriVest improves the convergence between young graduates’ skills and employers’ needs in the agricultural sector. We track current and future skills demanded by employers on the market and work with decision makers to mainstream them into training curricula. This requires a strong collaboration with the State, organizations intervening in the education sector and the private sector.

Capacity building

DagriVest actively builds the capacity of young people looking for a decent job. Specifically, we train on the technical skills required on the job market, digital skills (design, social networks, web development, etc.) and soft skills (self-confidence, teamwork, solving complex problems, innovation design, etc.).


DagriVest initiated AJESSA, the first mentoring platform for young graduates in the agricultural sector in Benin. The mentoring program allows recent graduates to interact with professionals in their sector, learn from them, and build a career. The mentor accompanies the mentee throughout their school to work transition.